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As many of you know, I am a proud native of the great Commonwealth of Kentucky! My Old Kentucky Home, about which folk legend Stephen Foster immortalized, literally rests within two blocks of my old Kentucky home.

Spring in Kentucky is magnificent! Yet, sometimes, it is can be tumultuous, thanks to the changeable weather. For example, on April 8th, areas of Kentuckiana [points around Louisville and southern Indiana-just south of Indianapolis] experienced rain, snow, sleet, and hail, all in one day.

I will never forget April 3, 1974, when tornadoes claimed the lives of my Aunt Del’s Mother and dozens of other innocent victims throughout the state. That awful weather system destroyed families, horses, horse barns, and homes within ten miles of my family’s home.

It would be several years later when another torrential storm with tornadic winds would devastate even closer to home, downing trees, destroying terrain and obliterating power lines at my old Kentucky home, as well as, our state’s historic landmark. My family and others were essentially camping at our residence, without the amenities of conventional hot water or electricity for nearly a week. I remember my parents using big blocks of ice in jumbo Coleman coolers to keep drinks and perishables cold.

The recent tornado in Clearwater was an unpleasant reminder of what can happen when the familiar occurrence of a relatively harmless water spout moves on-shore. I am so thankful there were no serious injuries, at least, none that I was aware of at press time.

Spring is usually brief in Florida. It is a season in which we may take exuberant pleasure for a few days or weeks, when our typical tropic heat is not so intense.

Please stay cognizant of nasty weather conditions, and take inventory of your storm preparedness. Update and maintain hurricane safety kits and supplies. Have a plan and make sure your family members know the drill. After all, hurricane season is only weeks away. You never know when nasty spring storms can change your life – and the lives of those you love – forever. | 727-709-9541

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