West Pasco Chamber of Commerce ‘ Take It To Heart’

“We are the Community” 


This is the time of the year to be thankful for those close to us and those in our community. Small business is the heart and soul of the West Pasco community.

Here are just five of many reasons to be a part of the West Pasco Chamber

1. Relationships

This isn’t about networking — this is about gaining friends, associates and even advocates. The people you get to know may or may not do business with you, but the social and emotional return in building meaningful, lasting relationships can be more meaningful than the financial return you seek

2. Visibility

The age-old adage applies here — “out of sight, out of mind.” Nothing sells your business better than being in front of people face to face. Business is so much more than simple transactions of money for goods/services with its root in relationships.

3. Community Connection

One flaw in large companies is not realizing that they and their employees are very much a part of the local economy, regardless of the number of franchise locations they have in other states.

4. Ongoing Training & Education

For companies that do not have a large training budget, the chamber provides an inexpensive way to bridge the gap between no training and topic-expert training. The Chamber is one of the better organizations at providing relevant speakers and guest trainers in a timely manner.

5. Enhance Your Credibility

Chamber membership sends your customers the right message – yours is a reputable company that actively participates in the local business community.

The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce holds events that promote our community, promotes tourism and raises money for local civic organizations.

Become a Voice for Local Business…Our staff, Board, Public Policy Committee are deeply involved in many key decisions benefitting Local and County businesses and, therefore, your business.

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Paul Friedlander
Membership Director
West Pasco Chamber of Commerce
The road to success is paved with failure.
Do not be afraid to fail. “Try, Fail, Adjust!”

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