Take Your Taste Buds On A Trip To Europe | Zen Forrest Sunday Dinner September 20th, 2015

“A Taste of Europe”

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Zen Forrest Food & Beer Pairing

For our next Food and Beer pairing we will take a little diversion from the multitude of “Local” craft beers and take a trip over to Europe where quite frankly they’ve been doing it longer.  As usual this is a guided tour with our guide being Levent Pancar of Microman Distributors, founded in 1997 is one of the most diversified craft and import beer distributors in Florida.


Each course paired with a European beer

Potato and Caviar (Russia)

Herb poached potatoes served chilled with egg sauce and caviar

Katerina’s Vinaigrette(Ukrania/ Russia)

 A Vibrant beet salad with potatoes, pickles, onions, carrots,sauerkraut and virgin sunflower oil

Charcuterie Plate (France)

(A French tradition since the 15th century) A plate  of French cheeses, cured sausage, pate, pickled onion and cornichon, beer mustard

Gratine de fete (France)

Full bodied soup with caramelized onions, French cheeses (Roquefort, camembert)

Svíčková  or svíčková na smetaně (Czechoslovakia)

Roasted filet mignon, with bread dumpling, and smothered in cream sauce.  This recipe comes from a Zen customer who went on a culinary and photographic journey in the Czech Republic that culminated in a cookbook of “Collected Czech Family Recipes” by Karren Doll Tolliver

Smažené žampiony (Czechoslovakia)

Breaded and fried mushrooms, we add a twist, mushrooms will be stuffed with Polish kielbasa

Golumbki and Halushka (Poland)

Golumbki is Polish for meat stuffed cabbage, but this staple has many variations and spans many countries. Zen’s version will have Napa cabbage, and beef from Providence Cattle Company (Tampa)

Halushka is basically cabbage and noodles or dumplings, our version originates from our Chef Mike Webster’s Polish Grandma


 Traditional sweet or savory bread with many variations all over Europe, our version contains Nutella, walnuts, dried cherries and a Flanders red ale ( Flemish ale, sour beer)

This Community Seating dinner is Sunday, September 20th, 5:30pm ~ Reservations only. Your ticket(s) must be bought ahead before the event. This can be done by emailing your request to ccovelli@tampabay.rr.com OR stopping by Zen Forrest to buy your ticket(s)



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