Hawaiian Luau at Zen Forrest

sidebar-clipart-hawaiian-luau-clip-art Taste of Hawaii 

Our third annual Hawaiian Luau. This dinner will be served Luau style (buffet) with community seating. A Luau is a gathering of family and friends to enjoy savory food, and great times. So grab your aloha shirt, muumuu, “pa’u” or sarong and join us on August 23rd at 5:30. Pricing and menu are below.


Hawaii is the newest of the 50 U.S. States (Aug 21, 1959) and is the only U.S. State to be made up entirely of islands.  It is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, with influences from the Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Koreans, Portuguese and America to name a few



Kalua Pork – Traditionally a whole pig is seasoned, wrapped in banana or ti leaves and slow cooked, buried in the ground with fired river rocks for almost a whole day.  My version will be encrusted in sea salt and slow cooked in a special oven (county code prohibits burying of food under parking lots)


Lomi Lomi Salmon – A traditional Luau dish of cured salmon, tomatoes, and onions


Ahi Poke – Poke is the combining of Hawaiian and Japanese taste for fresh raw fish.  It is considered local food or “local grind” Ahi Tuna, seaweed, scallions and cucumbers


Poi – Taro Root Mash – Taro is the potato of Hawaii.  Taro is so important it is said to be “the elder sibling to the Hawaiian people” “A life force”


Musabi – A popular local snack food, usually consisting of spam, sushi rice, and nori


Hawaiian Fried Rice – Here’s one example of Chinese/Hawaiian melding. Traditional fried rice with pineapple, onions and house made Chinese bacon.


Huli Huli Chicken – Hawaii’s very popular barbeque chicken


Seaweed Salad – Your salad does not have to always come from the ground.  Hawaii’s abundance of pristine coastline provides locals with a variety of sea vegetables.  A medley of seaweeds tossed with cucumbers and light miso dressing


Hawaiian Sweet Rolls – Dinner rolls sweetened with fresh crushed pineapple


Christmas Flower Haupia – Coconut custard sweetened with local Tampa “Christmas” flower honey




Sunday, August 23rd, 5:30pm ~ Reservations only

 45.00 per person plus beverages, tax & gratuity

727 372 9545 zenforrest.com

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