Living the Wild Life | Cottontails & Marsh Rabbits – By Doreen S Damm

Living the Wild Life | Cottontails & Marsh Rabbits

By Doreen S Damm

Florida Cottontail

I grew up in Valrico, Florida, before Brandon experienced its growth spurt much like Trinity is going through today. My backyard was adjacent the fields full cows and orange groves teaming with wildlife from bugs to bunnies. I still fondly remember after a day of exploring, proudly showing mother, my prize find of the day, a baby rabbit. I could not understand her panic as she rushed me out the door and made me return the baby to its grassy nest. A trip to the pet store for a proper pet rabbit soon followed.

Now an adult of a certain age, I value the natural spaces around us and welcome wildlife into my yard, but no longer catch them, rather enjoy their brief encounters. We are fortunate to have so many green spaces in our community and seeing wildlife is a regular occasion.


Florida Marsh Rabbit

Rabbits frequently visit our neighbor’s backyard to nibble on their green grass, giving us a close up glimich into their lives.

Florida is home to two species of rabbits, the eastern cottontail and the smaller marsh rabbit. While Cottontails are only out at dawn and dusk, the marsh rabbit is seen during the day so any time is a good time to see a native rabbit.

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Doreen S. Damm

Nature Photographer &

Wildlife Gardener

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