Everybody Needs Some Puppy Sometime | by Doreen Damm

Everybody Needs Some Puppy Sometime

By Doreen Damm

Unconditional love is hard to find these days, but not when it comes on four feet. Puppy love never

goes out of date, as a matter of fact, dogs make great companions. You can tell them about your day and they won’t tweet

all of your secrets. They won’t laugh at you when you are having a bad hair day and post it on

Facebook. Dogs enjoy hugs and give kisses freely.  They are never too busy to spend time with

you and always enjoy a good long walk. If puppy love is not your cup of tea, consider the wide variety of

options to share your love with and reap the rewards of pet ownership. Some of the benefits

include lower blood pressure, less anxiety and improved immune systems. They can even boost

your social life so plan more events with your pet in mind.

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