Spicing Up Your Dinner Plans

Spicing Up Your Dinner Plans

By Doreen Damm

Put a little zing back into your marriage with this simple idea for dining out.

Instead of getting ready at the same time dressing in front of each other, brushing your teeth side-by-side, asking: Can you pass me the deodorant? Is my shirt wrinkled? Will you buzz up the sitter?  


You can……

Dress in separate rooms so you don’t see each other till you’re ready to go. That new relationship feeling when you see how handsome he looks and the glow in his eye when you take his breath away is a great start to a perfect evening.


You can even get ready at a friend’s house or meet at the restaurant. Recreating your early dating days will kick off a romantic vibe for the rest of the night. It’s a little thing, but sometimes life is about the little things, right?



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