Love Stories in honor of Valentine’s Day – Larry & Joanna DeLuca | Part 1 of 3

Larry & Joanna DeLuca

Love ▪ Patience ▪ Understanding

For two people to have met in New Jersey in 1997, successfully survived a long-distance relationship for more than two years, married, moved to Florida, and blended their personal and professional lives, takes an incredible amount of love, patience and understanding, among other things, and that’s the continuing love story of Joanna & Larry DeLuca of DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry and Style Makers Salon.

Larry fell in love with Joanna for her style, her flair and her beauty, and the list goes on. Joanna fell in love with Larry for his passion, his romantic nature, his attentiveness, and so much more!

Together, this creative, dynamic duo combined their love, their passion, and their talents to create a solid marriage of 15 years, and a beauty business collaboration that is accentuating the aesthetic style of their family, friends, and neighbors throughout Trinity and West Pasco County!

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