Love Stories in honor of Valentine’s Day – David & Becky Dempsey | Part 2 of 3

David & Becky Dempsey

Love ▪ Friendship ▪ Fun

Dr. David and Becky Dempsey have a very interesting cute-meet story…

They met at work in 1986, but not for a week after Becky started her new job at David’s dental practice. He happened to be out of town the week she started, so Becky did not know what her boss looked like.

Upon his return, David stopped by his office in downtown New Port Richey and entered through the back door. Becky thought he was an intruder and threatened to call the police, until David assured her he owned the building!

Now married for “11 amazing years”, David and Becky take as much time as they possibly can out of the office to spend time together traveling and enjoying life!

According to Becky, that’s their secret to a successful marriage. She recommends, “Marry your best friend and take time to be together as a couple, doing things you both enjoy; and make the most of the time you have with your spouse or significant other.”

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