Love Stories in honor of Valentine’s Day – Steve & Tina Farrell | Part 3 of 3

Steve & Tina Farrell

Love ▪ Friendship ▪ Loyalty

Steve and Tina Farrell of Team Farrell Contracting and Roofing, met while attending high school in Long Island, NY, in 1986, and they have been together ever since.

The proud parents of three daughters and a son: Annamarie (25), Christina (25), Shelby (20), and Stephen (18), Tina and Steve maintain balance between their personal and professional lives by consistently including their family in their work, charity and social events, as a better way of giving more back to the community they love!

However, it’s the love they share between them that keeps the romance alive for Steve and Tina.

“Steve is my BESTFRIEND and the Love of my life. It is just that easy. When you have love, friendship and loyalty, that is the secret to a successful marriage,” Tina added.

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