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Owner, Joe Marchiselli, has paved the way to clean surroundings with a SoftWash System™ that eliminates dirt, stains, mold, and algae that may be destroying the aesthetic appearance and structural integrity of your roof and your home. Did you know that those stains may represent a type of algae that feeds on the filler between asphalt shingles?

Not only does the algae create a nasty, black appearance as it destroys your roof, according to Hammerhead’s website,  the “algae dislodges the granules that protect and give color to your shingles and reduces the lifespan of your roof.”

If that’s not scary enough, this fungal infestation can do more damage after pressure washing. Pressure washing will further spread the fungal spores throughout the area in question, causing even more problems in the future.

The SoftWash System™ uses a mix of biodegradable ‘mildewcides’, algaecides, soaps and low-pressure pumps for a deep clean that kills 100% of the algae without damaging your roof or your structural exterior,” Joe explains.

“Unlike pressure washing we pump from a 12-volt system. This means there is no damage from over use of pressure. Our Surfactant lasts up to 6 times longer than pressure washing and comes with a 5-year warranty. Plus, we avoid walking roofs as much as possible, especially barrel tiles,” Joe added.

Hammerhead Roof & Exterior Cleaning services include cleaning pool decks & cages, sidewalks, driveways, pavers, fences, residential & commercial exteriors, mobile home exteriors, decks, docks, playground equipment and more!

SoftWash Systems™ maintains a 50-point checklist for franchisees and employees that includes standards of excellence in professionalism, equipment usage and maintenance, chemical handling & applications, safety, and education. Throughout this extensive list, employees are encouraged to stay current and follow all regulations set forth by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA).

You can rest assured that all Hammerhead employees have passed a thorough criminal background check and been approved by Ask the Seal, and have received the “Seal of Approval” before being issued photo identification. This insures that you can trust our team members on your property or in your home or office!Hammerhead

Hammerhead Roof & Exterior Cleaning is located at 3152 Little Rd, #213, Trinity. To schedule a FREE in-home or in-office estimate, call 800-700-4140. Learn more about this exclusive Softwash system by visiting, or email Become a fan on Facebook at Hammerhead Roof & Exterior Cleaning, or follow them on Twitter: Hammerhead Softwash@Hammerhead_wash.

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