Hometown Story | Dr. David W. & Becky Dempsey Create Beautiful Smiles in our Community | Trinity, Florida

IMG_7570Dentistry has evolved significantly over the years with the advent of new technologies and expanded services, and Dr. David W. Dempsey, dental surgeon and Trinity resident, is proud to offer the very best of these technologies and services to each patient in his practice.

Becky Dempsey, Dr. Dempsey’s wife explains, “We truly believe that our patients are not just patients, but members of our ‘patient family’. David and I, along with our wonderful staff, have tried to develop strong relationships with our patients over the years, just like anyone would with a friend they value and want to keep.”

Dr. Dempsey opened his family dental practice in downtown New Port Richey in 1978, and from there, his very successful efforts evolved with the times over the course of a quarter century. After two decades downtown, they relocated their office to Trinity due to the tremendous residential growth in the area.

Dr. Dempsey and his expert staff work tirelessly to keep up with advances in dentistry andIMG_7580 dental surgery through hours of continuing education. You can certainly receive more than simply a beautiful smile following a visit to Dr. Dempsey’s office! Their modern approach to “The Art and Science of Dentistry” includes spa treatments and procedures that are administered while patients are poised in the dental chair for an extended period of time. Most importantly, Dr. Dempsey and his team demonstrate anti-anxiety techniques so that patients experience a reduced level of fear and stress that many suffer when faced with dental appointments and procedures.

A native of Portsmouth, VA, Dr. Dempsey and his family moved to the Washington D.C. area while he was in junior high school. He continued his education in that area, earning his undergraduate degree from University of Maryland-College Park, and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from University of Maryland-Baltimore College of Dental Surgery.

Dr. Dempsey’s skillful and talented staff consists of two dental hygienists, Betsy Pinto and Krystal Miccio; two dental assistants, Deanna Leggio and Ashley Hargitai; and front desk manager, Monica Lim.

What sets Dr. Dempsey’s dental practice apart from others in West Pasco County, is clear to his many satisfied patients. Becky adds, “Although there are many wonderful dental professionals in our area, we like to think that we give a little bit more to make each patient’s dental experience a positive one.”

In terms of family, cosmetic, and “spa” dentistry, the procedures they perform are extensive. In addition to hygiene maintenance (cleanings) and fillings, Dr. Dempsey specializes in complete “smile makeovers”. This can consist of crowns, bridges, veneers, implants & whitening. Dr. Dempsey is experienced in making dentures and partials if that is the only option for a patient. He also performs root canal therapy and certain periodontal therapy, as well. His office utilizes the latest in digital radiographic imaging. Plus, patients may request complimentary hand paraffin treatments with every cleaning. Last but not least, Dr. Dempsey provides his patients with their Botox maintenance treatments!

Between them, Dr. Dempsey and his wife Becky have four children and are the proud grandparents of two beautiful grandchildren with one on the way! They love the close-knit feeling that exudes throughout the Trinity community. They strive to give back by being contributors to a number of professional, charitable, and social organizations within Trinity and Pasco County such as Youth and Family Alternatives RAP River Run, The PACE Center for Girls, and the Pasco Education Foundation, just to name a few. Dr. Dempsey also provides complimentary dental care to several athletes on the Special Olympics Team. He is a member of the West Pasco Dental Association, The Florida Dental Association and The American Dental Association.

IMG_7550Dr. Dempsey’s practice is located in Trinity Professional Place at 10733 Maple Creek Drive, Suite 102. Their hours of operation are 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday. If you are a patient returning to see Betsy or Krystal, early-bird appointments can be scheduled through Monica beginning at 7:30 AM. To contact the office, call 727-372-0550. They welcome you to experience “The Dempsey Difference!”


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