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GlobalGroundSD05aR10eP13ZLWhen the ground opened up in Seffner and swallowed a man whole and alive as he had just retired to  bed, people in Tampa Bay, in Florida, across America and the World were awakened to a tragic reality that sinkholes are dangerous and fatal possibilities that exist right here in our own communities.

Families and homeowners quickly became acutely aware of the devastation sinkholes can cause when Jeff Busch died that fateful night. However, Brian Lipsey, President of Global Ground Solutions, wakes up every morning knowing his company is saving people’s most valuable assets: their homes, and quite possibly, their lives.

“This is something I have done most of my life, feel very passionate about, and take a lot of pride in doing,” Brian explained. “By upholding our high quality of workmanship and providing the best consumer service to our clients, their families will once again feel safe and secure in the one place they should: their homes.”

Global Ground Solutions is an innovative ground modification and sinkhole repair company that specializes in residential and commercial projects throughout Florida. The company’s profile clearly states that their team is “dedicated to using only the highest quality personnel, equipment and repair programs in the ground modification industry.”

This means everything when protecting your home and your family. The Smith family wrote, “Our home was number eleven with a sinkhole issue on our street. We watched several of the homes being repaired. It wasn’t until your company contracted with our next-door neighbor that we realized there was one company, Global Ground Solutions that was far superior to the others.”

Additional testimonials boast the same about Brian’s company and the professionalism and high quality workmanship demonstrated by the Global Ground Solutions team. With more than 34-years combined experience, these contractors know what they’re doing and pride themselves on doing the job right the first time, with little or no aesthetic damage to the property!

Their services include pressure grouting, compaction grouting, chemical grouting, slurry grouting, underpinning, micro piles, auger case piles and grade beams.

A 20-foot, self-contained trailer was designed for Global Ground Solutions to house everything necessary to complete their projects and the drilling process. This means there is no need to unload heavy equipment onto a customer’s yard. To protect the area further, they use plastic, 4ml thick, under the concrete trucks and pump to protect roads from oil, fuel, or concrete spills.

The Global Ground Solutions advanced equipment is second to none. They are the only company offering two-laser transmits to monitor structure and ground movement from three to four sides. This offers two different perspectives on ground movement, thereby providing the most comprehensive ground movement examination available.

The hydraulics, the grout injectors and the in-line gauges were all designed to operate effectively and efficiently so projects are completed right on schedule, and at, or under, the proposed budget!Global Ground Solutions Brian Transit

Brian admits, “When I worked for other companies, the decisions were based on profits. Now, as owner and President of Global Ground Solutions, I am able to base my decisions on doing the very best job, which sometimes cuts into our profits.”

His passion stems from the experience he’s cultivated over the last 15 years. Brian has completed more than 1000 residential jobs including single and multi-story homes, pools, garages and additions.  He has completed over 100 commercial projects, some quite familiar to Tampa Bay residents: Howard Franklin Bridge, Lowes, Target, Live Oak City Hall, University of South Florida and Timber Pines Golf Course.

Brian has worked on at least 40 Department of Transportation roadway projects on US 19, US 41, Veterans Expressway, as well as Interstates -4, -75 and -275.

Brian started as a laborer in 1998, after 3 months he was promoted to foreman and within one year he worked his way up to lead foreman. By 2006, he served as Director of Operations, the highest position within the company, responsible for maintaining operations of the company from top to bottom.  With his wealth of knowledge and experience, and his commitment to quality workmanship and overall excellence, with compassion, Brian oversees every aspect of Global Ground Solutions, and resolves to be the most respected leader in the ground modification industry!

“Global Ground Solutions has grown into something I am very proud to be a part of, and I feel blessed to call myself the owner,” Brian said.

For more information about Global Ground Solutions, visit their website at If you have questions or want to schedule an estimate, call 727-856-9062, or email

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