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Statewide Blind logoA familiar metaphor states, “Your eyes are a window to your soul.” Yet conversely, windows should not allow eyes to see into the soul of your home. A sensible solution to protect your privacy with blinds and window treatments that serve multiple purposes while complementing the décor.

Horizontal or vertical, blinds hang parallel, or at least that’s the way they are designed. However, they can easily be damaged by tiny hands or furry paws, they become dusty and dirty and are troublesome to clean, and sometimes they don’t accent the new couch or paint color.  No need to worry. Seek the unparalleled window treatment service provided by the team at Statewide Blinds, and they will provide the perfect solution!

Larry Vanderhoof, owner of Statewide Blinds, and his family relocated to West Tampa Bay from Washington State and began the unique business of renewing, repairing and restoring blinds and window treatments to like-new condition, as well as replacing older styles to complement new-fangled décors, both residential and commercial.

“Customer service is our top priority. Our business is built on integrity and values, and we treat our customers like family,” Larry said. That is why Statewide Blinds is quickly becoming the fastest growing new business in Pasco County!shutterstock_112740940

Blinds can be bothersome to keep clean. The team at Statewide Blinds eliminates the hassle by disassembling and thoroughly cleaning them using an ultrasonic cleansing system, removing dust, dirt, allergens and odors.

Although it is not always possible to fix blinds with extensive damage, moderately damaged blinds can easily be repaired with Statewide Blinds repair and restoration services. Options include replacing damaged slats; restringing blinds that need new lift cords; replacing damaged tilter mechanisms and ladder drums; and cutting down or resizing blinds and shades.

Custom window treatments are a cinch for Statewide Blinds! Whether you prefer the standard Venetian, or want to update to Honeycomb, Wood, Woven Wood or Faux Wood blinds, all of these styles are available.  Shades are certainly an option in the common roller or not-so-common Roman adaptations. Perhaps, Plantation shutters are your preference. Your choice is Larry’s desire!

All of these selections and more are yours at Stateside Blinds. Plus, this mobile service comes to you and can complete most jobs the same day! Simply contact Statewide Blinds at 813-480-8638, to schedule your FREE QUOTE! For additional information, visit


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