Celebrate Independence with Your Own Style


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Joe Pagano began working in his father’s upholstery shop in Massapequa, NY, as a teen. When he was drafted by the Army to go overseas, he did so proudly, and he considered himself fortunate  to be assigned to a unit where he could serve in a capacity he loved: working with aircraft. He checked them, repaired them and actually soared across foreign skies within them!

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When he returned to New York, he continued in his father’s business. He became a master upholsterer, and today, as the patriarch of Sunshine Upholstery in Tarpon Springs, he takes on interior and exterior upholstery challenges with ease, expertise and beauty!

Interior projects may include anything from barstools, to chairs, headboards to sofas. Each is unique in design, simply in need of an update in fabric, color or texture. Exterior assignments prove a bit more challenging, depending upon the level of deterioration.

“UV rays and weather conditions can destroy outdoor cushions by fading the colors, weakening the fabric and inviting mold and bacteria to infest and multiply due to the humid climate,” Joe explains.

He recently accepted an exceptional challenge: to reupholster outdoor cushions from a home on the river, which had been badly abused by the elements.

The before and after photos are astounding! Joe and his son, Dean, took drab, disgusting cushions and completely refurbished them with new foam, vibrant fabric and intricate detail. What was a pitiful patio became an outstanding oasis, ready for entertaining!

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Before your next soiree, examine your exterior furnishings for damage, fading or fashion faux pas, and call Joe & Dean Pagano at Sunshine Upholstery to transform your patio into your oasis!

Sunshine Upholstery is located at 425 N Pinellas Avenue in Tarpon Springs. For more information, please call 727-938-7466.

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